Complete Error Characterization of the DISCOVER Earth System Data Records

Project Description
We propose a detailed error analysis of the ocean products provided by the DISCOVER project, which is funded through NASA MEaSUREs program. The ocean products all come from an array of operational and research satellite microwave (MW) radiometers. The prod-ucts are surface wind speed, columnar atmospheric water vapor, columnar cloud liquid water, rain rates and sea surface temperature (SST). In addition to products derived from individual satellites, DISCOVER also produces merged, multi-instrument wind, vapor, cloud, rain and SST products as well as derived hydrological products such as evaporation. We will perform a comprehensive error analysis that considers measurement noise, algorithm sensitivity, geophysical model accuracy, and the influence of contamination parameters such as rain, land, sea ice, and RFI. The project will have two main deliverables. 1. A pixel-by-pixel error estimate for each and every geophysical retrieval. These will be reported to users in the form of additional layers in our standard daily, 3-day average, and monthly products. These estimates will primarily describe short-term errors. 2. Estimates of long-term errors (i.e., decadal trend error bars) of each ocean product. These long-term error estimates will be communicated to the Users via a web-based Annual Validation Report The addition of error information to the DISCOVER products will greatly increase their usefulness to all users. For example, the availability of error estimates will enable the accurate assimilation of the measurements into derived products and the assessment of the statistical significant of conclusions reached when using the products in research applications. Project PI: Carl Mears/Remote Sensing Systems 444 Tenth Street, Suite 200 Santa Rosa, CA, 95401 Phone: (707) 545-2904x21 Fax: (707) 545-2906 Email:
Project Administrator(s):
Cristina Milesi


Cristina Milesi