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Atmospheric Composition

The international Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) is a collection of high quality total column and profile measurements of a broad range of chemical species and parameters from the tropospheric into the lower mesosphere at various latitudes. These observations are made from well calibrated instruments for the purpose of making long-term ground based observations usable for the detection of changes in the climate and atmospheric composition. These measurements also act as sources by which space-based measurements can be calibrated and validated against and also provide the validation data for theoretical models as they are tested and improved. The NDACC Data Host Facility located at the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center is the central repository of this data. The NDACC database is located in a secure computer environment and is backed-up via several methods to ensure the endurance of the data files. The Data Host facility makes these observations available to the scientific community to help answer the question: "How is the global Earth system changing?" Use of NDACC data by themselves and/or as validation data for satellite obs or model results help meet NASA's strategic goal to "Understand and improve predictive capability for changes in the ozone layer, climate forcing, and air quality associated with changes in atmospheric composition". (Strategic Subgoal 3A1)

Project PI: Craig Long/NOAA/National Weather Service

National Centers for Environmental Prediction Rm 808, World Weather Building 5200 Auth Rd Camp Springs, MD 20746

Phone: (301)763-8000 x7557

Fax: (301)763-8680


The purpose of this proposal is to seek funding for the continuation of the management of the NDACC Data Host Facility. This would insure the continued operation of the Data Host Facility, the maintenance of the NDACC web site, the continued interaction between the database management team and the NDACC PI's, the continued archival and back-up of the database, and provide travel funds for the management team to attend the NDACC Steering Committee's annual meeting.


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