How do i use IDL ENVI to access data in NEX

Q: What's IDL/ENVI

IDL on Wikipedia

ENVI on Wikipedia

Q: Which version of IDL/ENVI is on the sandbox/Pleiades

me@linux:> module avail idl
me@linux:> module avail envi

Q: How to load IDL/ENVI on the sandbox/Pleiades

If you like to load specific version (xxx) of IDL/ENVI

me@linux:> module load idl/xxx
me@linux:> module load envi-xxx

Q: How to check the available IDL/ENVI license?

There are ten licenses available in Pleiades now, and usually heavily used. To check which license are used by who:

/nasa/idl/8.1/idl8.1/bin/lmstat -a

IMPORTANT: Please release the licenses after your IDL code is done by adding this in the end of your script.


Q: How to open HDF file using IDL

band_no=0 ; get the 1st band
HDF_SD_GETDATA, dataset_id, data, start=[0,0]
HDF_SD_ENDACCESS, dataset_id
HDF_SD_END, file_id

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