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Atmospheric Composition

This four-year proposal addresses the airborne observation element (A.15) of ROSES 2008 - Atmospheric Compositions: Surface, Balloon, and Airborne Observations. The principal area of research is atmospheric field measurement systems in the upper troposphere and stratosphere from NASA aircraft. We propose to maintain and to enhance the measurements capability of the Meteorological Measurement System (MMS). The MMS, developed at NASA Ames Research Center is a PI-led airborne instrument that provides calibrated, science quality, in situ state measurements: static pressure, static temperature, three-dimension wind and turbulence indexes. The MMS has been operational since 1986, initially on the NASA ER-2; then subsequently on the NASA DC-8 and the WB-57F platforms. Recent field measurement campaigns with the MMS include the Tropical Composition, Cloud, and Climate Coupling Experiment (TC4, DC-8 & WB-57F) in 2007, and the NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Activities (NAMMA, DC-8) in 2006. Enhancements to the MMS are underway for observations on the NASA Global Hawk Unmanned Airborne System (UAS) with a target field measurement campaign in April 2009. The MMS aims to provide atmospheric state parameters with research quality accuracy and precision. Accurate airborne measurement of pressure and temperature are particularly important for microphysics. The data also indirectly contribute to accurate determination of water vapor and bounding chemical reaction rates. Airborne, high-frequency, in situ measurements of turbulence and vertical velocity are also required within cirrus clouds and in the surrounding clear air as they have shown to effect nucleation. In conjunction with other investigations and measurements, MMS observations are essential for climate-related trace gas monitoring and the chemical and dynamical processes affecting the upper tropospheric and stratospheric composition.

Project PI: Paul Bui/NASA Ames Research Center

Phone: 650-604-5534



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