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We propose to study the organic trace gas composition from airborne and balloonborne platforms to address scientific questions related to understanding and improving predictive capability for changes in the ozone layer, climate forcing, and air quality associated with changes in atmospheric composition. The proposed research will maintain and further strengthen the capabilities of our group to deploy whole air sampling instruments from airborne and balloonborne platforms and to measure a wide range of organic trace gases relevant to studying chemistry of the UT/LS region. In past campaigns, we have measured halocarbon source gases and a range of tracers that provide needed information on temporal trends in atmospheric trace gases in the UT/LS, on halogen budgets, and on air mass sources and chemical processing. These measurements were done with a whole-air sampler in different airborne instrument payloads. To access higher altitudes, we developed a cryogenic sampler for balloonborne samples which is used to investigate trace gas composition up to 110 Kft. We plan a continuing investigation of atmospheric trace gas composition and variation during future field missions (e.g. TC4 Guam or others) and will work on data analysis from past campaigns. The specific objectives of the proposed research program are: 1)Understanding the role of short-lived halogen species on reactive chemistry in the UT/LS through measurements of a broad range of halogenated source gases from whole air samples; 2) Use of trace gases from marine and continental regions to diagnose transport pathways, source regions, and the role of convection in shaping the chemistry and microphysical properties of the UT/LS and the TTL region; 3) Continuation of long-term measurement of climate relevant halocarbons to better understand their transport and fate in the atmosphere; 4) Maintenance and enhancement of current sampling and analytical techniques in preparation for future field missions.

Project PI: Elliot Atlas/RSMAS/University of Miami

RSMAS/MAC University of Miami 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL 33149

Phone: (305)421-4128

Fax: (305)421-4689



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