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The NRC Decadal Survey focused attention on the requirement to forecast UV dosage levels over populated regions of the globe over the next years and decades. Of major concern to the human health panel of that NRC report was the potential irreversibility of ozone loss resulting from increasing concentrations of water vapor in the stratosphere resulting from climate forcing by CO2. This project directly addresses the issue of significantly advancing both our knowledge of the chemical structure of the TTL and its adjoining regions and defining the mechanism for the transport of short lived chemical precursors and humidity through the in situ measurement of HOx (OH and HO2) and the total water isotopes (vapor + condensed phase H2O and HDO) from NASA airborne platforms. We propose a dual use HOx (OH and HO2) and water isotope (HDO and H2O) in situ aircraft instrument that can be configured for measurement of either HOx or total water isotopes, as mission science goals require. The instrument will use the technology of the prototype developed in part within the NASA Instrument Incubator Program (IIP) and flown on the NASA WB57. The prototype instrument uses laser induced fluorescence to provide unparalleled sensitivity and proven accuracy for both HOx and HDO in the vapor phase. The added feature of an isokinetic inlet for the detection of the total water (condensed + vapor) phase provides the capability of accurately measuring the isotopic composition of thin cirrus and convective blowoff even at total water abundances less than 10 ppmv. Reduction in both size and volume will enable integration into a wing pod, enabling boundary layer free sampling.

Project PI: James Anderson/Harvard University

Harvard University 12 Oxford Street, Link Bldg. Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: (617) 495-5922

Fax: (617) 495-4902



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