Maria Tzortziou

Member since: Mar 15, 2011, UMD

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Research Scientist
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Aquatic optics and photochemistry; Coastal water pollution; Land-ocean exchanges of carbon and nutrients, effects on coastal water optics, photochemistry, biogeochemistry; Remote sensing retrieval of biogeochemical variables in coastal regions; Atmospheric Correction for ocean color; Underwater radiative transfer modelling; Effects of air-pollution on water quality (e.g. deposition processes) and coastal ecosystem biogeochemical processes; Atmosphere-Ocean interactions; Atmospheric composition, spectroscopy, and radiative transfer modelling; Satellite and ground-based UV remote sensing and inversion algorithms for tropospheric air quality (e.g. tropospheric O3, NO2, other trace gases and aerosols); Space-based remote sensing applications to coastal resource management and tropospheric air quality.

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