Qiaozhen Mu

Member since: Feb 05, 2013, University of Montana

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Research Scientist
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University of Montana

Personal Website: http://www.ntsg.umt.edu/

Dr. Mu worked on General Circulation Models at University of Texas, Austin for two years before she joined University of Montana in November 2003 with a PhD in climatology at Peking University. Her current research expertise and interests involve carbon, water and energy interactions between land surface and atmosphere using remote sensing models and ecosystem process-based models regionally and globally. As the core science developer for NASA MOD16 evapotranspiration algorithm, she together with her colleagues developed the first regular 1-km2 global evapotranspiration for the 109.03 Million km2 global vegetated land areas at 8-day, monthly and annual intervals. This dataset has been well validated over AmeriFlux tower sites and global watersheds, and has been used by hundreds of users worldwide. Dr. Mu and her colleagues recently proposed a remotely sensed global terrestrial drought severity index to monitor drought.

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