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Director, Remote Sensing Group
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BAER Institute

Personal Website: http://geo.arc.nasa.gov/sgg/AATS-website/CV_info/redemann.html


• Currently leading aerosol-cloud-radiation studies in the SEAC4RS (Southeast Asia Composition, Cloud, Climate Coupling Regional Study) campaign. Serving as flight scientist for ER-2 aircraft. • Co-leading activities of the Sunphotometer/Satellite Group, NASA Ames Research Center. • Participated in the Science Working Group for the definition of requirements for the Aerosol-Cloud-Ecosystems (ACE) Decadal Survey Mission. Lead author for white paper chapter on synergistic science. • PI for the participation of AATS-14 in the ARCTAS campaign. Member of the ARCTAS science team. • Principal Investigator for the study of aerosol direct radiative effects on climate using satellite (CALIPSO, MODIS and OMI) and suborbital data. CALIPSO science team member. • PI for an unfunded Earth Venture-1 (EV-1) proposal, intended to investigate regional scale links between aerosols, clouds, and precipitation in California and Nevada. • Principal Investigator for the study of the spatial variability of aerosols at meso-scales and in the vicinity of clouds from MODIS and MISR. MODIS/EOS science team member. • Mission PI and Mission Scientist for the Extended-MODIS- Validation Experiment (EVE) in 2004. • Co-leading group effort to build an airborne, sky-scanning and sun-tracking sunphotometer. • Participated as mission or flight scientist in the SAFARI-2000 (2000), ACE-Asia (2001), CLAMS (2001), ADAM (2003), ARM Aerosol IOP (2003), EVE (2004) and INTEX-A (2004) & INTEX-B (2006) field experiments aimed at investigating atmospheric aerosol radiative properties. • Related airborne sunphotometer, lidar and spectral solar flux radiometer measurements to in situ measurements of atmospheric aerosols and gases to model and derive the vertical structure of aerosol-induced radiative flux changes in Earth’s atmosphere. • Utilized satellite derived aerosol optical depth fields and aerosol properties from the ACE-Asia campaign to determine the aerosol radiative forcing of climate in the Pacific Basin troposphere. • Developed inversion algorithms and data analysis techniques for airborne lidar and radiometer studies during NASA field experiments. PI for the participation of AATS-14 (an airborne sunphotometer) in the CLAMS satellite validation study (July 2001). Member of the CLAMS science team. • Developed a coupled aerosol microphysics and chemistry model to study the dependence of the aerosol single scattering albedo on ambient relative humidity.

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  • Paris ST meeting presentation

    Other, Aerosol-climate interaction based on multi-satellite sensor retrievals of aerosol radiative properties - 2 years, 7 months ago


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