Ajit Govind

Member since: Jul 16, 2012, INRA-France

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Research scientist
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I am interested in comprehending the influence of climate, topography, vegetation and human impacts on terrestrial biogeochemical cycles. I employ multi-scale modeling, measurements and remote sensing to understand this problem.

I have participated in the Canadian Carbon Program and I investigated the complexities associated with boreal biogeochemical processes using a model, BEPS-TerrainLabV2.0, which I developed further. I demonstrated that simplified hydrological representations create biased simulations of biogeochemical processes and it is important to couple water, carbon and nitrogen cycles within models to reduce the uncertainties in global climate change. I also explored the effects of climate, atmospheric chemistry and disturbances on the long-term boreal C cycle.

In 2008 for my postdoctoral project, I joined the OSU to work on the biosphere-atmosphere interactions. This work combined biometric, eddy covariance, remotely sensed datasets and numerical modeling. During the time 2003-2009 period, I have taught ~10 courses to students at the U of T and OSU.

Since 2009, I am working as faculty member at unit of Functional Ecology and Environmental Physics at INRA, France. I am developing the STEPS model (Simulator of Terrestrial Ecohydrological Processes and Systems), to address issues at the watershed, regional and global scales. Besides, I am involved in the improvement of canopy radiative transfer algorithms for landsurface models and on the global vegetation dynamics.

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