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After thirteen years learning MODIS data at the LP DAAC, participating in the MEaSUREs VIP project, and operationalizing eMODIS in the USGS Long Term Archive, I'm moving on to work with the Land Satellites Data System (LSDS) Science Research and Development (LSRD). I like to think of it as eMODIS but with Landsat data. I'm excited because it involves all the elements I've ever enjoyed in my career so far. LSRD's job is to prototype systems and software to generate high-level data products from Landsat 5-8 inputs to support the USGS Terrestrial Monitoring directive with Essential Climate Variables (ECV) and Climate Data Records (CDR). LSRD work with LEDAPS to produce on-demand surface reflectance is almost complete, and we are ready to break into the world of LAI. Given the NEX group's expert history with such products, LSRD is thrilled to participate and we look forward to helping carry Landsat LAI forward.

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    A Dataset, USGS ECV/CDR Development - 2 years, 11 months ago

    Landsat Surface Reflectance products are offered provisionally, with the intent of presenting an opportunity for user evaluation and input. LSRD welcomes user opinions on data ...


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